Do you have an Automotive Dealership with a customer waiting area?  If so, you probably have comfortable seating, coffee, magazines, and a television.  Your television is a great communication tool and if you are using it to show news or worse, letting your customers control the content, you could be missing a golden opportunity as well as irritating many of your customers.

Screen Content Management offers a solution that will allow you to use your television to not only entertain your customers but also communicate valuable information about your brand, products, and services, that the customer may not have known otherwise.  This solution provides commercial free recorded network type television from our list of licensed providers allowing you to insert your own ads, commercials, and messaging between the segments.  Imagine showing specials on parts or how important proper maintenance is to a vehicle's lifespan.   And this solution costs about the same as premium cable.

Screen Content Management also has "Queue TV" which allows service staff to communicate to customers utilizing the television in the waiting area.  Customers can be educated, entertained and stay informed about the status of their car repair at the same time.

Choose from a wide variety of content
Queue TV fields are customizable
Enhance the customer experience

video plays back 3x speed

Get more onsite appraisals Service pricing
Service Queue with promotions Vehicles for sale

No more upset customers because they don't like what someone else is watching.  No more inappropriate or offensive content being viewed by your customers.  You control what your customers see!

Here is a small sample of the content that is available

Capture your audience's attention with recorded, rights cleared, licensed network style television content without commercials.  Many different programming choices available including sports, health/wellness, bilingual (Spanish and French) content, and family friendly shows.   We can play your content as commercials providing a completely customized solution

All videos includes audio (no closed captioning)

Most content can be updated weekly

Each video segment can range from 1 to 5 minutes in length

For more information about this service, please call Screen Content Management at (702) 331-2033 or email us at  info@screencontentmanagement.com

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