New Customer Profile - FlipNOut Xtreme

January 9, 2016

From time to time, we will start profiling our new customers to provide insight on how digital signage is being used in various businesses.  This blog will focus on FlipNOut Xtreme, a new Trampoline facility that just opened in Las Vegas.

Not only does FlipNOut Xtreme have a massive trampoline arena (15,000 square feet), they also have Rock Wall Climbing, Laser Tag, Zip Line, Obstacle Course, and much more.  This is the premiere trampoline entertainment center in all of Las Vegas.

Screen Content Management (SCM) is providing the content for the television screens in the facility including information about pricing, information about the many attractions, videos, news, and special events.  Utilizing SCM's technology, FlipNOut Xtreme is able to communicate and engage with their customers, enhancing online and offline branding reach and providing a unique experience to all.  They are located at 4245 South Grand Canyon Blvd in the southwest area of Las Vegas.  Check em out!

If you have a business, call Screen Content Management to find out how we can help you connect with your customers today!


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