Nearly every business today has televisions installed which are typically playing news, sports, or something completely unrelated to their business.  Televisions are a great communication tool and if your business is not using the television to promote or advance your business, you are missing a golden opportunity.  Customers love to be entertained, educated, and engaged so why not do all of these things with your business in mind?

Screen Content Management offers a solution that will allow you to use your television to not only entertain your customers but also communicate valuable information about your brand, products, and services, that the customer may not have known otherwise.  This solution provides commercial free recorded network type television from our list of licensed providers allowing you to insert your own ads, commercials, and messaging between the segments.  Imagine showing a segment from Jimmy Kimmel  and then cut to an ad showing your products or services!  This is possible with Screen Content Management's commercial free programming.  We have access to recorded licensed content shorts from such shows/channels including (many others available):

This service cost starts at about the same as premium cable so what are you waiting for?  Play the type of content you want your customers to see without the inappropriate shows or competitor commercials.

Here is a small sample of the content that is available

Media content from various content publishers in film, TV, and sports industries, is through a strategic partnership with WOVENMEDIA, providing specific media usage rights, and clearance agreements for each publisher.  Representation and use of all media is with the written consent of WOVENMEDIA and their Content Publishers with Screen Content Management.  For more information about these content services and publishers, please contact www.wovenmedia.com.

Capture your audience's attention with recorded, rights cleared, licensed network style television content without commercials.  Many different programming choices available including sports, health/wellness, bilingual (Spanish and French) content, and family friendly shows.   We can play your content as commercials providing a completely customized solution

All videos includes audio (some include closed captioning)

Most content can be updated weekly

Each video segment can range from 30 seconds to over 5 minutes in length

Click on the image to find out why "over the air" broadcasts, cable, or satellite is hurting your business...

Why Content Matters PDF Commercial Free TV PDF

For more information about this service, please call Screen Content Management at (702) 331-2033 or email us at  info@screencontentmanagement.com

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